June 16, 2014
Contact: Michael Feinstein

Press Release: City Council Campaign Announcement and Kickoff, Tuesday, June 17 in Tongva Park

Press Advisory:  Michael Feinstein City Council Campaign Announcement and Kickoff, Tuesday, June 17 in Tongva Park

Former Santa Monica Mayor and City Councilmember Michael Feinstein will announce his 2014 City Council campaign Tuesday, June 17th.  Feinstein served two terms on the Santa Monica City Council from 1996 to 2004 and served as Mayor from 2000-2002.

The location and schedule of the announcement and kickoff is meant to recall achievements from Feinstein's first two terms in office, and reflect values and goals of his campaign this year:

5:00pm     Gather @ City Hall, in Ken Genser Square
5:30pm     Walk to Tongva Park
5:45pm     Press Conference in Tongva Park
6:15pm     Free Community Dinner in Tongva Park
8:00pm     After party @ Chez Jays

The choice of Tongva Park is meant to recall Feinstein's integral role in the city's historic purchase of the RAND land in 1999, that was scheduled to contain 305,000 sq. feet of office space up to 84' high, and the decision to build Tongva Park there instead. It also recognizes the Tonva people after whom the park was named, who have lived in this area for centuries.

Tongva Park also represents Feinstein's 2014 campaign goal of significantly increasing the amount of parks and open space in the city, and the importance of more public space overall and a healthy environment in our dense community.

Hosting an organic community dinner in the park (and an after-party nearby) reflects Feinstein's hope that his campaign can help bring together a community that is deeply divided over development issues, and that despite our differences on the issues, we can socialize and break bread and listen to and learn from each other.

The choice of Chez Jay's for the 'after party' reflects Feinstein's appreciation of community character, by recognizing Chez Jay's official city landmark status, and its role as a iconic and historic cultural institution.

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