No to Over Development
Yes to Community-Serving/Community-Scaled Development

Santa Monica can and must develop to meet changing needs and changing times - without - losing any more of our human scale and feel as a beach-side community. Our currently debate over development is ripping our community apart and fraying our local body politic. I believe my campaign and my service in office can help heal those wounds and close that divide, by promoting an inclusive and fact-based process where everyone's voice is heard.

I will be a strong 'no' vote against development that does not fit our community scale, is the wrong mix of uses, and causes unacceptable traffic and other negative impacts.

I will be a strong 'yes' vote for right-sized development that does serve the community. I will use my experience and political skills to bring people together so that when projects come to the City Council for approval, there is already broad community buy-in to what is proposed, and we can be happy about changes that will occur.

I have a strong record of doing just that.

In 1990 as a resident activist, I gathered signatures for Proposition S, which halted conversion of our beachfront into luxury hotels. On the City Council, I helped turn what would have been a luxury beach hotel at 415 Pacific Coast Highway, into the public Annenberg Beach Club.

In 1993 as a resident activist, I played a leading role in the referendum against the Civic Center Specific Plan (CCSP), which proposed a commercial office park along Ocean Ave. On the City Council, I played a lead instigating role turning what was planned across to be an 84’ high/305,000 sq. feet office tower across from City Hall, into Tongva Park.

What about today?

Video: Feinstein on proposed unlimited heights and density in the Downtown Specific Plan, Planning Commission Community Work Shop, Santa Monica, May 6, 2013

Video: Michael Feinstein - Transportation/Development - CityTV Vote 2014


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