Traffic & Circulation

In the 1980’s, Santa Monica approved a number of large commercial developments that created many jobs, but also created a significant jobs/housing imbalance, leading to large amounts of commuter traffic.  Our beautiful and prosperous city also draws workers and tourists to the beach, Third Street Promenade and our Pier. 

We can address traffic concerns head-on. We’ve got the Expo light rail line coming soon and many people who work in the City will use it.  We are creating ‘shared’ roadways that encourage cycling to get around town, and people are using these alternatives, as well as our award-winning Big Blue Bus.

I played a role in promoting these when on the City Council between 1996 and 2004. I will continue to work on creative ways to ensure that residents can get where they need to and when they need to, and that our public safety personnel can maintain their rapid response times.

At the same time we provide alternatives to the automobile, we need to minimize the need to drive in the first place, by meeting local needs locally. This can come in a number of ways: by promoting community-serving affordable retail,  neighborhood-based local markets and community gardens; to housing policies that enable people to live closer to where they work and to live along public transit and bike corridors; and from more parks and open space, to local hiring and living wage jobs - all in a city that is safe and friendly to walk.

Connecting outside our borders, I support the 'Subway to the Sea' extension to Santa Monica on Wilshire Bl. of the Purple Line from Westwood, and enhanced public transit down Lincoln Bl. and Sepulveda Bl. to LAX and the South Bay. That's one of the reasons I've been endorsed by Los Angeles City Councilmember Mike Bonin, who represents Venice and West LA, with whom Santa Monica would work together with to help achieve these regional goals.

Video: Michael Feinstein - Transportation/Development - CityTV Vote 2014



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