July 17, 2014
Contact: Michael Feinstein

Press Release: Bill Rosendahl endorses Michael Feinstein for Santa Monica City Council


Former Los Angeles City Councilmember Bill Rosendahl endorsed Michael Feinstein for Santa Monica City Council Wednesday evening, at Feinstein's Meet & Greet campaign event at ZJ Boarding House surf shop, on Main St. in Ocean Park.

"Michael Feinstein has a passion for the issues that are sensitive to all of us," said Rosendahl.  "He is a true environmental leader, and we need that more than ever these days, facing climate change and historic drought."

"Michael also makes sure residents are heard on development, so we get projects we want - and not ones we don't. He also wants to close Santa Monica Airport and turn it into a great park, returning control of the land to Santa Monica's residents, who originally bought and paid for it with a park bond in 1926."

"I am proud to have Bill's endorsement," said Feinstein. "Between Bill's two terms in office and his 16 years doing public affairs programing on local cable TV, Bill has met hundreds and hundreds of elected officials, and others in public service.  To receive his recognition is very gratifying."

Rosendahl served on the Los Angeles City Council between 2005 and 2013. Prior to that, he produced and hosted more than 3,000 public affairs programs over 16 years here on the Westside, including "Local Talk", "Week in Review" and "Beyond the Beltway" and also served as the president of the Los Angeles Press Club.  Feinstein appeared several times over the years on Rosendahl's programs, both as a Santa Monica Mayor and City Councilmember, and as a spokesperson for the Green Party.

Feinstein is campaigning on promoting a healthy environment and more parks and open space, affordable housing and tenants rights, the arts and social services - all while addressing traffic,  preventing over-development and achieving a responsive local government.

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