Electoral Reform

One of my primary interests in politics is electoral reform, to improve our democracy. I've studied electoral systems around the world and traveled to other countries to learn about their use.

Here in Santa Monica, my work has included the following:

To promote a more informed electorate and to decrease the role of money in politics, I've successfully promoted an substantial increase in coverage on CityTV of ballot qualified candidates since the mid 1990s. Candidate statements, interviews and forums are broadcast for a month before the election on CityTV, valued at $12,000 to $15,000 worth of coverage per candidate.

To increase voter turnout in special elections, I initiated the successful two-day weekend City Council special election in April 1999 (post-election report) and the all-postal mail initiative election in May 2003.

To promote the public's right to know, I led the creation of timely local referendum financial disclosure requirements in 2001.

To promote more representative local elections, I have promoted ranked-choice voting for our local elections.

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