September 09, 2014
Contact: Michael Feinstein

Press Release: Santa Monica Trades & Maintenance Teamsters Local 911 Endorses Michael Feinstein for Santa Monica City Council

On Monday, September 8 the Santa Monica Trades & Maintenance Teamsters Local 911 announced their endorsement of Michael Feinstein for Santa Monica City Council. We are endorsing Michael Feinstein due to his "experience, commitment, and dedication to the issues that are important for Santa Monica as well as an apt alignment and understanding of the issues that impact Trades & Maintenance Teamsters,” said Carlos Rubio, Spokesperson for Teamsters Local 911.

"I am proud and honored to be endorsed by Santa Monica Trades & Maintenance Teamsters Local 911," said Feinstein.

"Santa Monica provides more services and functions than most municipalities. Who helps make that happen? Our City employees - and Local 911 represents approximately 400 of them - from those who maintain our beaches, parks, Pier and Promenade; to resource recovery and recycling; to our award-winning Big Blue Bus and more."

"Surveys consistently show Santa Monica residents are generally happy with their city government and our local quality of life. When I hear arguments in Washington, D.C. politics about how government can’t do anything, I bristle, because it doesn’t ring true locally."

"I believe in an employment model where treat workers with dignity, create a positive work environment, and pay good wages and benefits. In exchange, we should expect high quality work and a commitment to our community. In Santa Monica, that's exactly what we get."

"Investing in our employees is actually an investment in ourselves, because we can better attract, retain and inspire employees who will provide the quality service that helps make our community great."

"Its also important to recognize that in an age of austerity, outsourcing and union-busting,  Santa Monica can retain a AAA bond rating while  providing good wages and benefits to its workers. In other words, an economy that respects our humanity is also one that leads us to prosperity."

The Teamsters* have become the second Santa Monica city employee union to endorse Feinstein's 2014 City Council candidacy, following the Coalition of Santa Monica City Employees.

In 2000, Feinstein was endorsed by the Santa Monica Police Officers Association, the Santa Monica Firefighters Association and the Santa Monica Municipal Employees Association (the predecessor to the Coalition of Santa Monica City Employees), as well as the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO. The Santa Monica Police and Firefighters and the AFL-CIO have yet to make their 2014 endorsement and Feinstein is actively seeking their support.

See here for more on Feinstein's record on labor issues while on the City Council.

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* As of September 2013, Teamsters Local 911, chartered since 1975 represents approximately 400 employees working in the newly created Trades and Maintenance Bargaining Unit in the City of Santa Monica, California. We are proud to represent employees working in the Big Blue Bus and Public Works Departments. Our members serve in Street  Maintenance, Street Signs and Markings, Parking Meter Repairs, Resource Recovery and Recycling, Custodial Services, Facilities Services, Pier Maintenance, Airport Maintenance, Fleet Management, Beach House Maintenance, Park Maintenance, Urban Forest, Promenade Maintenance, Beach Maintenance, Civic Auditorium, Cemetery, Transit Maintenance, Transit Facilities, and Water Resources.  Teamsters Local 911 represents approximately 9,000 members throughout Southern California. Teamsters Local 911 is affiliated to the Coalition of Santa Monica City Employees, Teamsters Joint Council 42 and the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor.


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